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PiOS simulation: Implement pios_com->available for simulators

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Log the gyro and accel at 115200 baud when using the debug console.

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Sanity Check: Fix indentation

Sanity Check: Cannot connect callback to TaskInfo now it isn't always used.

Revert "Sanity Checking: Regardless of DIAG_TASK always populate TaskInfo.Running"

This reverts commit 0b6fa7fe6f13aa7c74ffc8c2f1382271865995e6.

SanityCheck: Directly query the task monitor

Failsafe: Add a FlightStatus.Controller field which must indicate present to enable motors.

Autotune + Sanitycheck: Now we can sanity check a configuration, only initialize the autotuning objects when autotune is running. When they are available but not initialized it will block arming.

BIG WARNING: This is imperfect. In the case that they set up this configuration

and then flip stabilization mode to relay tuning the board will lock up regardless.

We need to make trying to play with invalid UAVOs not segfault to fix this.

Sanity Check: Fix comment

Sanity Check: uint32_t for loop indexes instead of int

Sanity Check: Perform the initial check then attach the callbacks to avoid a case where two threads do the same thing.

SanityCheck: Trigger sanity check code on callbacks from the appropriate settings.

The only downside is that it needs to update on the TaskInfo object which means

since htat updates periodically this code runs more often that really needed since

the modules only start at first. However, leaving that connection out means it

misses the initial set of modules.

Sanity check: Add some initial checks for revo that make sure the needed optional modules are running.

Sanity Check. Add the first set of checks: 1. If a flight mode switch allows autotune and autotune module not running 2. If airframe is a multirotor and either manual is available or a stabilization mode uses "none"

Sanity Check: For now force the sanity check to run once a second and always set an error

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SystemAlarms: Convert to the newer way of listing elements to help merges and added SystemConfiguration

Sanity Checking: Regardless of DIAG_TASK always populate TaskInfo.Running so we can verify certain modules are running.

Android Logging: Install the new logging object to the TelemetryTask

However, currently there is no way to start and stop logging. It is

always logging when connected to a UAV.

Android Logging: Port the code from the previous logger activity to the telemetry task

Telemetry: Create interface for telemetry slave tasks and start implementing Logging as one

Get sensors outputting on CC3D

MPU6000 Debugging: Send the raw sensor data out the serial port

PipX: Get it working with the new changes

GCS Config Gadget: Fix the file name for the pipx icons in the code and name the icons correctly

GCS Config Gadget: Fix the file name for the pipx icons in the code and name the icons correctly

GCS Config: Crashing for an unknown board seems a bit harsh.

GCS Config: Crashing for an unknown board seems a bit harsh.

RFM22 COM: Working pretty well now. Make sure the temporary buffer to shuffle data from the packet handler to the fifo is big enough.

Later the packet handler should probably be able to access the fifo directly

to copy straight into the future packet. This will move preparing the data

packet into the RFM22 com layer which might not be perfect.

RFM22B COM: Working interface now although it sometimes locks up

PIOS RFM22B: Delete the old pios_com driver